Im am an artist & designer, developing methods to visualize and experience time and space in current media.

The endless possibilities of media creation, their ability to change spaces, ways of thinking and inspire people are the core of my artistic motivation. My perception, and thus my understanding of things, can gain new levels of knowledge through media and technology.This process can also be made accessible to other people through artistic interpretation and create a dialogue to capture social, scientific and personal topics from a new perspective.

During my childhood in Bogotá (Colombia), I was already keenly interested in the illustration of the world around me. The following topics were decisive: man, urbanity, interaction and integration. At the age of 8 I moved from Bogotá to Germany to a rural region in North Rhine-Westphalia and then later Cologne.

At 16, I moved to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and I finished my high school diploma at the German school EAC Corcovado. A language stay in NewYork, which I actively used for research in the field of arts, revealed to me new dimensions of art, design, but also of their commercialization and staging. The time in these very special places has shaped my social, sociological and artistic understanding to the present day.

Afterwards, I tried to orient myself through various internships in the media sector and started my studies in digital media at the Bremen University of the Arts. During my academic research, I specialized in interactive and visual content.

In 2010 I went to Istanbul (Turkey) and studied Visual Communication Design at Sabanci University. Mentors like Ekmel Ertan, Murat Germen and Alex Wong inspired me to go new ways in the areas of interaction, design, photo and CGI. Numerous innovative approaches to the integration of interactivity and generative contents emerged at this time and there was a touch of futurism in the air. I produced the Flash / Aftereffects hybrid lm “Construct”, which was later shown and honored at festivals in Hungary and China. During this time I also co-produced the music video “POST – Antimeta”, which was broadcast on MTVTurkey, independently of the university.

With new inspirations I returned to Bremen and produced the Image-film for the University of the Arts and an interactive website presenting various scenarios and workshops of the HFK in cooperation with Kubikfoto Bremen. In the network-based cooperation project “the way things may go” (in memory of Fischli and Weiss) with the UdK Berlin, we exhibited in the Bauhaus Dessau and ARS Electronica under the direction of Hannes Hoelzl and Dr. Alberto de Campo. Then I focused my work on interactive projection elements and worked out the first prototype of the “Raummaschine”, an interactive projection mapping engine.

In 2011 I founded the 3-member artist collective LZRK // Raummaschine. The goal of this project was the expansion of already established static projection mapping through dynamic and interactive content. We expanded and modernized the functions of the “Raummaschine” in various development-oriented projects. In the meantime we realized 11 individual performances with the system, for example “Imago Caeli” at the Bremen carnival in 2015.

To further advance on the excellence and effectivity of my artistic desires, I worked for 9 month as an assistant for the artist collective Urbanscreen in Bremen, which specializes in location-specific installations in the public space. There I contributed to the projects “320 ° light” for the exhibition “Der Schöne Schein” in the Gasometer Oberhausen and the facade projection “Buntes Gold” for the Chamber of Commerce Bremen in the fields of camera, edit, animation, scalemodels and technology.

After my active time at Urbanscreen, we also realized a joint cooperation project with Raummaschine at the Inter Flora Worldcup in Berlin: “Imago Floris”. It was a further development of the “Imago Caeli” show and gave us the opportunity to evaluate and improve many functions of the “Raummaschine” in a different context. Since then, I have been working on the combination and contextualisation of overlapping art sectors, which can contribute to the enlightenment of “augmented” projection mapping. The integration of interactive elements and the development of adaptive communication methods is of crucial importance and is re-evaluated with every project.

In February 2014, together with four other artists, I co-founded the artist collective “Xenorama” in Potsdam. We won the invitation of the Genius Loci Festival for site-specific art in Weimar and thus realized our first joint project “MOYA Facade”. This was followed by further works from various fields, for example the ZKM Karlsruhe, the CityLeaks Festival and theTanzhaus NRW. In experimental projects such as “Radix” we have increasingly developed sculptural light installations. Currently we are expanding our portfolio, diving deeper into interactive and generative contents.