PFZ // Pforzheimer Zeitung – Newspaper Article

The Pforzheimer Zeitung wrote an article for the opening gala of our Show at the " 250 Jahre Goldstadt Pforzheim - Innovationen" commemorating the 250 birthday of the city Pforzheim. The article also features some special guests like : Editor Albert Esslinger-Kiefer and Photographer Udo Spreitzenbarth. The audio-visual show will be accompanying a spectacular fashion show as well as live performances of Maestro Jose Carreras and a ballet show of Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss".,-GoldstadtGala-Diese-Stadt-schreibt-Geschichte-_arid,1164838.html    

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Moritz Janis Richartz : Artist & Designer, developing methods to visualize and experience time and space in current media. In Collaboration with: &

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