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Enjoy the Oneironaut Tracklist composed by our ingenious duo The Solar Nexus for the Xenorama – Oneironaut Show at the Palace of Karlsruhe 2015 and 2016. Every part is dedicated to its relevant visual counterpart Act. The composition while being very cinematic is an art piece of its own and perhaps can be discribed as the magical ingredient that makes this show stand out as a spatial narration voyage through the collective mindset of the audience and the palace....

TSNF // The Solar Nexus @ Fusion 2016

End of June: the same procedure as every year: On a former Russian military airfield. In the middle of nowhere in the fields of northern Germany. FUSION arises, the biggest holiday camp all over the nothern hemisphere! The motto: 4 days of ‘holiday communism’ – and the programme covers it all: Music of all kinds, theatre, performance and cinema, and added in the whole spectrum of installations, interaction, arts and communication. Diversity of people, diverse in their intentions. Still,...

ICA // IMAGO CAELI – Soundtrack

Listen to the IMAGO CAELI Soundtrack and dive into the unique audio experience by The Solar Nexus. IMAGO CAELI was presented at the Bremen Carnival as a part of the Bremer Lichtertreiben. Many people asked for the Track. Here it is!   The Solar Nexus Soundcloudpage : Other Articles : | Imago Caeli