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Electronic Music

TSNF // The Solar Nexus @ Fusion 2016

End of June: the same procedure as every year: On a former Russian military airfield. In the middle of nowhere in the fields of northern Germany. FUSION arises, the biggest holiday camp all over the nothern hemisphere! The motto: 4 days of ‘holiday communism’ – and the programme covers it all: Music of all kinds, theatre, performance and cinema, and added in the whole spectrum of installations, interaction, arts and communication. Diversity of people, diverse in their intentions. Still,...

ICA // IMAGO CAELI – Soundtrack

Listen to the IMAGO CAELI Soundtrack and dive into the unique audio experience by The Solar Nexus. IMAGO CAELI was presented at the Bremen Carnival as a part of the Bremer Lichtertreiben. Many people asked for the Track. Here it is!   The Solar Nexus Soundcloudpage : Other Articles : | Imago Caeli