Construct V3 [HD] from Moritz Richartz on Vimeo.

The combination of the two basic vector elements and pixel graphics creates its own aesthetics as well as characteristic dramaturgy. The use of generative elements that keep evolving themselves over the time with ever new, always differently leads to an interesting semicontrol of the events. Each rendering creates a new version of the movie. The results are thus also surprising for the artist and a common process is created which makes the computer appear as part of the creative production.

Through the object-oriented scripted way to animate arise so completely new possibilities to create or influence the dramaturgy. The instantiation of objects allows the animation of the birds as an independent swarm, which always finds a random place to land. The buildings, on the other hand, displace the birds and make it increasingly unlikely to find a breeding ground for them.

Untill there is no space left anymore.

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