JPB // Johnny Priest “Feier´ Dein Feuer” Album Release

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Celebrating the new album release of another good friend of mine. Check out all new stuff on: https://www.facebook.com/johnnypriestmusic/ http://johnny-priest.de Es ist immer Jetzt – Right Now – Siempre es Ahora

PZA // PONZA Record-Release

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PONZA’s first LP “Another Land” is out now! 47 minutes of good times! Gunes is a good old friend of mine from Istanbul and I am very happy to see

POL // Polarstern Mosaic Arctic Drift Expedition

The Mosaic Arctic Drift Expedition Project is the biggest ever realized arctic expedition. Together with 19 other nations, 60 institutions and various other teams the german science vessel POLARSTERN will

LOL // Imago Caeli @ LOLLAPALLOOZA 2019

Imago Caeli@ Lollapalooza Berlin 2019 together with radioeins. Imago Caeli is an interactive projection mapping stilt performance and was originally developed by xenorama.com, raummaschine.com, Stelzen-Art and Oakleaf-Stelzenkunst. The costumes are


In Tap Dance, the performers act as dancers and musicians at the same time. In cooperation with an advanced Tap Dance ensemble lead by Daniel Luka we extend this symbiosis

SEH // Sehsüchte Festival

Check out our latest project shown during last weeks Sehsüchte Festival at the Filmuniversität Babelsberg. www.sehsuechte.de www.xenorama.com [ms_slider id=”600″ class=””]  

SEN // LUX VORTEX @ Stadt für eine Nacht

Vortex Lucis is an explorative interactive light and sound sculpture. The sculpture investigates various phenomena and anomalies of light within the domain of black holes. VORTEX LUCIS Experience @ Schinkelhalle

STE // FORMATIONEN @ Lichttage Stendal

Our new Project FORMATIONEN will be premiering on Thursday 18th at the Üngelinger Tor, the beautiful city gate of Stendal. Here’s to the final round of our latest show »Formationen«

BRA // ČO NÁS SPÁJA | Architecture Projection

ČO NÁS SPÁJA »What Unites Us« Watch the Germany Embassy in Bratislava get transformed through the past 25 years of German-Slovakian Friendship! Many thanks to the Nemecké veľvyslanectvo Bratislava for

MECA // RADIX @ Media Culture in Asia – Digital Choc Tokyo

[ms_slider id=”466″ class=””] RADIX Exhibition at Tokyo Goethe Institut during the MeCA // Digital Choc Festival. During this Years MEDIA CULTURE IN ASIA , our project “RADIX” was exhibited at the venue

JMAF // RADIX @ 20th Japan Media Awards Festival

RADIX Exhibition at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery during the JMAF Japan Media Arts Festival. During this Years Japan Media Awards Festival, our project “RADIX” was exhibited at the venue in the Tokyo

PFZ // Pforzheimer Zeitung – Newspaper Article

The Pforzheimer Zeitung wrote an article for the opening gala of our Show at the ” 250 Jahre Goldstadt Pforzheim – Innovationen” commemorating the 250 birthday of the city Pforzheim. The article

PFZ // 250 Jahre Goldstadt Pforzheim – SWR Television Feature

The Landesschau Baden-Württemberg featured our Show at the ” 250 Jahre Goldstadt Pforzheim – Innovationen” commemorating the 250 birthday of the city Pforzheim. The audio-visual show will be accompanying a spectacular fashion

DD // DIGITALDERBY @ Cologne & Düsseldorf

Check out this beautifull documentary of the DigitalDerby, an extra-large-scale interactive game in which the neighbouring cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf compete in an epic battle of strength. The measurement

ROB // ROBOTS @ CeBit – Machine Choreography

Watch the new project “ROBOTS” realized by URBANSCREEN and presented at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover. A moving piece following the question on how to develop an artistic approach to the choreography of a machine.


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IMAGO FLORIS Interactive video mapping performance from URBANSCREEN on Vimeo.   Raummaschine Webpage : www.raummaschine.com Urbanscreen Webpage : www.urbanscreen.com Stelzen-Art Webpage : www.stelzen-art.eu Oakleaf Webpage : www.oakleaf-creativity.de Project Webpage : mojari.de | Imago Floris


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Enjoy the Oneironaut Tracklist composed by our ingenious duo The Solar Nexus for the Xenorama – Oneironaut Show at the Palace of Karlsruhe 2015 and 2016. Every part is dedicated

FIMG // RADIX @ Festival Internacional Mapping Girona

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From the 22h to 24 h July the city of Girona will be celebrating the III International Mapping Festival of Girona (FIMG), a festival that is open to everyone and which merges

PLT // RADIX @ Platine Cologne

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The PLATINE Festival offers an inspiring platform to artists and developer from all over Europe, who range between the poles of electronic art and alternative play forms. The festival creates

RES // RAUMMASCHINE @ Resonate – Belgrad

Resonate is a platform for networking, information, knowledge sharing and education. Held each year in Belgrade, Serbia, the festival lasts for six days and provides an overview of current situation