Newspaper Article on the Imago Caeli Show at the Hamburg STAMP Festival 2015. We presented our Show at the Stamp Festival with very difficult weather conditions. For the performers as well as the hardware we had to take good measurements to assure a safe presentation of the show.

Imago Caeli – Stamp Hamburg from Raummaschine on Vimeo.

The Stamp Festival in Altona will take place for the sixth time in 2016. At the same time, the 17-day Altonale 18 Cultural Festival will open on July 1 at 6:00 pm. More than 1000 street artists from more than 10 nations will take the streets of Altona around the station Quake The festival attracts more than 200,000 visitors each year with a unique mix of urban art, hip hop, artistry, juggling, parade groups and street theater. The artists around the Altona train station show their skills at various venues.
STAMP opens altonale
For the first time STAMP is opening the cultural festival altonale18. The opening night will be celebrated at 6 pm at the new festival center of the altonale at the Republic Square. Artists present the best of international street arts. Program topics of the theater, film, music and literary altones are also present. The park around the square of the republic is presented with a special illumination.
Urban Art + Workshops
At STAMP, artists from the Urban Art scene give insights into their work. The audience can watch them work, paint or build their work. The organizer provides the artists with the materials so that the artists can concentrate completely on their work. STEM’s Urban Art campaign has attracted artists from all over the world to the digitalfreedomwall website. The jury selected the best from the abundance of applications and ensures that they are implemented. For those who have always wanted to try out spray cans, STAMP offers StreetArt tasting courses. Professional sprayers give insights, tricks and tricks.

Street theater and music
On all three days, international street artists and musicians present their shows. Whether it’s the streets with dance, juggling and Hula Hoop or a rousing drum show from Italy, Afro-Brazilian rhythms or Japanese drums, silent film music or Balkan music – STAMP shows cultural diversity in all its facets.

The Night Parade and STAMP Parade
On Saturday 2 July starts another highlight of the STAMP at nightfall: the night parade. From Haus Drei a colorful and bright train winds from street and fire artists across the Große Bergstraße to the town hall Altona. The parade is accompanied by different music bands. In 2016, almost 30 groups from 10 nations took part in the Night Parade.
On Sunday there is the STAMP parade. Together with aliens, giraffes, fables and music groups, all Altonaians are invited to participate in the parade. Meeting point is at 1 pm at Bruno-Tesch-Platz. Afterwards a colorful festival is celebrated in front of the town hall. The most colorful group of the parade is also awarded.

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