IMAGO FLORIS Interactive video mapping performance from URBANSCREEN on Vimeo.

The costumes are inflated by a system of Fans and valves. The various air chambers Create a multifaceted variation of the whole figure. Additional LEDs allow the individual interior lighting of each costume.

The projection, tracking and mapping were realized in vvvv under the code name „Raummaschine“. A depth sensor (Microsoft Kinect) captures the depth map in real time. This is used to mask the performers and thus to curtail the visual content on the silhouette. In addition, the content follows the movements of the performers.

The location was a monumental 70-meterwide multifunctional hall. The walkways and the technical setup had to be adapted to the respective conditions so that the choreographic contents could manage the room.

The hardwaresetup was at a much higher level compared to the previous performance. The emphasis was placed on the fine-tuning and usability of existing approaches. Furthermore, a secondary safety system was set up. In this project we further developed the „Raummaschine“. Because of the sensors, we switched from DirectX 9 on Direct X 11.

For the creation of the visual content we were in close communication with Urbanscreen to ensure the smooth integration of the workflows while respecting the specifications of the system.

As a technical director, I coordinated the adaptation and further development of the „Raummaschine“ software and the methodological cooperation between the groups. We focussed our development on improving the masking and expanded the functionality of the core files to achieve a more precise communication interface between content and software as well as to enable new methods of creative implementation. In addition, I also took over the direction of the documentation, which in this project could be accomplished only by structured planning and adaptation of the choreography, mainly because of the dimension of the hall and the masses of people.

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