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As a motion designer I bring 2D and 3D elements to life through movement.

I have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of animation

and how things should behave in order to create appealing motion.

In this process timing and pace are of the essence when it comes

to build up the character behind every element.

Art and Code

I build code because I want to create compatible and modular systems that get better

with every new generation and implementation. Using and directing machines to help

in todays media oriented world environment will be crucial to create

the foundation of the next generation media contents.


Direction as well as Camera Operation for Sensible Composition

of all the elements including performance, art direction, lighting,

composition and camera movement creating the dense cinematic experience.

Concise and very specific spatial storytelling, developing innovative

approaches for dramaturgic elements.


Accurate and authentic representation of the whole production process

that makes a piece unique. A view inside performers and their specific approach

to the genre. Research of related subjects and integration into the social and artistic

context. Systemized and methodic data organizaton and administration.


Original and carefull selection of settings, topics and materials.

In depth conception based on a exceeding research and analysis.

Practical knowledge and understanding of a variety of media

and computational technologies securing the quality relevant to fieldwork,

data collection, dissemination and presentation of research.

Ability to apply the relevant professional guidelines depending on the workflow.


Ability to communicate through technical terms in four different languages.

English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Effective priorization requires detailed knowledge of each users and customers role

in the media environment, a thorough understanding of the nature of the business,

and a firm grasp of the business priorities. Committed to seeing the problem through

to resolution based on the customers feedback. Detail-oriented working style.

Acknowledgement of different user realities, translating the relevant descriptions into

technical terms, fixing the problems, and explaining the solutions in terms the users can understand.

Multidisciplinary PROTOTYPING

In the field of projection mapping, the requirements for the hardware setup are changed with each project. The idea of the“Raummaschine“ is to combine all the necessary components for an (interactive) projection into a housing (case), so that there is high mobility in the development and implementation of projects.

Furthermore, the summary in the case gives the system its own characteristics and thus creates an identity of the Raummaschine. The relevant components are stacked on several levels. Each level fulfills special requirements in the form of special recesses on the front of the case.

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