With the participation in the forum MUTEK IMG “The Future of Mapping “in Montreal Canada, we have tried to expand the dialogue in the field of projection mapping even further. The results of the panel discussion were interesting for the particular reason that between all podium participants there was an agreement with regard to the possible future of projection Mapping. Besides the basically technical assumption that coming light projection technologies would replace current standart setups with Holograms and LED foils, there was a clearly communicated tendency that the potential that still exists in Projection Mapping and all its derivatives is yet to be researched and developed over time.

The Future of Mapping II – MUTEK_IMG 2015 from MUTEK on Vimeo.

The artists saw a lengthy, very complex and prev Still unfinished process in the development of projection Mapping. Also, there were large discrepancies in the actual Concept of “Projection Mapping”. The term is in the sense A summary for all visual formats, ranging from the Square screen format and the light and image Information in the room. The contents are mainly concerned with the surrounding space and thus have a relationship to the respective place. There is no conventional screen format with a conscious relationship of the content to the particular place where they are to be shown.

The Future of Mapping I – MUTEK_IMG 2015 from MUTEK on Vimeo.

Through this technology, almost all the resources of the performing Art synergyze in one medium and the question arises, what is the stage, what is the performer. The concept of stage, props, costumes, etc. is questioned and must be redefined. Behind this thesis is above all the experience, which we collected in the individual projects around the “Raummaschine”. Within the collaboration with other artists predominantly dominates one disagreement in the expectations placed on this new technology. The prediction of the final results are extremely subjective and therefore often differ heavily from their actual production. This also has to do with many variables existing in the work structure and different essential work processes, which sometimes even have to be done parallel to each other. We want a dialogue between acting and creating Artists in which these questions and definitions are re-discussed. In this dialogue, the additional possibilities, which are provided by this system and the very enthusiastic mapping subculture, are to be elaborated. Through public performances we contribute to this new art form and carry it into the public space to provide a fast, intense and Non-selective reaction.



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