Those who cross the threshold to the FinsterWald are able to feel the emotions of the heroes from Grimm’s fairy tale and are able to embark on their very own heroic journey.

Together with the Grimmwelt Kassel, we developed an exhibition that works independently of culture and language and can be experienced as an individual or group experience.

The immersive multimedia exhibition consists of sometimes associative, sometimes concrete letter formations and is subject to constant change. The FinsterWald thus becomes a living being that casts its spell on its viewers growing and meandering.

At the centre is a mythical ritual space in the form of a stele circle, showing a video sequence. The sequence contains numerous open and hidden fairytale quotations, but never shows concrete fairytales. In this way, visitors can pursue their very own associations and feelings.

Moreover, the exhibition is not tied to a specific location. It can be modified and adapted to different exhibition locations.



  • Concept by: Grimmwelt Kassel
  • Composed by: Urbanscreen
  • Running Time: 10th of April 2019 – 6th of October 2019

The FinsterWald-team of URBANSCREEN:

  • Production: Majo Ussat
  • Creative Management: Till Botterweck
  • Concept, direction, dramaturgy: Justin Koch
  • Art Direction: Julian Hölscher
  • 3D Artist & 3D Software engineering: Jonas Schell
  • Motion Graphic Design, Editing: José Buendía
  • Motion Graphic Design: Ana Cristino Romão, Eike Buff, Lukas Neumann
  • Technical construction: Armin Jakob
  • Sound design: Janis E. Müller
  • Press, Public Relations: Lydia Liedtke

The FinsterWald-team of GRIMMWELT:

  • Producer: Peter Stohler
  • Curator: Mirko Zapp
  • Coordination & Design: Manuela Greipel
  • Mediation: Julia Ronge
  • Administration: Lucija Gudlin, Timo Vogt
  • Technic: Rolf Tonhäuser
  • Press, Public Relations and Marketing: Mirko Zapp


  • Camera: Lukas Neumann
  • Editing: Moritz Janis Richartz
  • Outer Eye: Lydia Liedtke
  • Photos: Till Botterweck


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