Radix is a light sculpture, which experiences a virtual expansion of the space through projection elements. It is a real tree root that is brought to life by means of light and sound. Enhanced and supported by 3D-printed elements, the sculpture performs a transformation from a natural organism to a – apparently – technical object.

The show was premiered successfully at this year‘s Luminale in Frankfurt / Main and provided a very positive feedback from the visitors. In addition, the root was presented at this year‘s FIMG International Mapping Festival in Girona and won both the jury and the public prize. At this year‘s Platine Festival in Cologne, Radix also ensured that there were fully crowded immersive dark rooms.


The aim is to realize new possibilities of spatial experience in experimental projects and to use the synergy between technology and art in order to create an immersive virtuality in the space. Through research and innovation, the communication between man, medium and space is to be further developed and evaluated and expanded in dialogue with other artists and cultural institutions from the field of visual art and design.


In order to achieve a precise output model for the production of the animations and 3D printing elements, we used a Kinect 2 sensor which can produce a 3-dimensional point cloud of the object through its special system. From this we created a polygon-based model of the root and then designed the so-called core files. These are now used as a base for 3D and 2D animations and are essential for the precise object-oriented animation.


The integration of organic elements as a surface for projection- based artistic content is a huge technical challenge. Through projects like this, I would like to present creative solutions for problems like these. At the same time, I would also like to define stylistic elements and formal languages for the spatial narrative and thus create a foundation for their dramaturgical development.


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