Raummaschine Teaser from Moritz Richartz on Vimeo.

The idea of ​​the Raummaschine is to assemble all needed components for an (interactive) projection into one CodeKit (written in vvvv) under one physical Housing (case), so that it offers a high mobility and ergonomics for the development and design implementation of projects. Furthermore by the summary of the functions to a case, the system gains its own characteristics and thus the identity of the Raummaschine. The system is characterized by the high performance of the system adaptability. As long as the limits of the hardware are met, mappings in different constellations and spaces are possible without sacrificing the integrity of the interactive elements.

The Raummaschine case was designed to a high Degree of functionality, mobility and ergonomics. The components used were selected, so that the entire system remains affordable and compact. We also included a mobile application of mappings in the planning process of the case, so that the right dimensions were met.

The case itself is a Specialization of a Flightcase, used in the event area for safe transport of equipment. The box consists of one Tunnel, which closes with lids on both sides. The lids are replaced by lightweight ventilation shields for the cooling of the projectors and for more mobility. On the frontside functional holes are integrated to allow a wide variety of projectors and sensors a clear visibility to the outside. On several levels the relevant components are stacked. Each level fulfills special requirements in the form of special recesses on the front of the Case.

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