Resonate is a platform for networking, information, knowledge sharing and education.

Held each year in Belgrade, Serbia, the festival lasts for six days and provides an overview of current situation in the fields of music, visual arts and digital culture. Guest artists, lecturers and other participants are chosen to represent the cutting edge of the contemporary creative industry in the world.

Resonate brings together distinguished, world class artists, researchers and educators, with an opportunity of participating in a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture.

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During this years workshops, I had a surprising encounter with Elliot Woods from Kimchi and Chips. After a short description of my projects he invited me to make an Introduction to the workshop, showing the individual approach on interactive/organic mapping. I build up a very much overnight presentation of the projects of raummaschine and xenorama as well as my B.A. Thesis work. The Workshop was a very pleasant and inspiring experience with a lot of very nice participants. Elliot presented some new alternatives to the usual 3d sensors as kinect etc., which could bring an interesting twist to the market. The new orbbec sensors are now for sale. Lets see how they perform in the long run. He also presented his brand new tool rulr. Which is a toolkit for calibrating spatial technologies such as cameras, projectors and Kinect. You should really check it out on the project website as its currently evolving and could be a potential ground breaker for spatial mapping.


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