Imago Caeli@ Lollapalooza Berlin 2019 together with radioeins.

Imago Caeli is an interactive projection mapping stilt performance and was originally developed by xenorama.com, raummaschine.com, Stelzen-Art and Oakleaf-Stelzenkunst.
The costumes are inflatable and maintained at pressure by a system of fans and valves, while different air-chambers offer a variation of element arrangements and volume to enhance the projection area. In addition there is a circuit of LEDs providing inner glow for each costume element, providing a very interesting addition to the augmented reality effect.
The interactive projection-system offers an additional audio-visual layer of cinematic story-telling possibilities. Mapping and tracking were realized with a Sensor for depthmap-capturing to separate the performers from the background. The image layer aligns to the movement of the stilt dancers and form a new immersive experience.

System & Content :
Xenorama : www.xenorama.com
Raummaschine : www.raummaschine.com
Performed by:
Stelzen-Art : www.stelzen-art.de


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