TRANSKUTAN | Analogously produced Projection Mapping from Xenorama on Vimeo.

In Transkutan the castle Karlsruhe is considered an organism and its characteristics are represented accordingly. In analogy to the human skin, the facade of the castle becomes an interactive membrane between the interior of the building and its surroundings. It takes not only the obvious protective or decorative tasks, but is rather a media and peripheral carrier of energy, charisma and history.

Processes such as the change of structure, form and temporal-spatial context can be perceived not only on it, but rather through it.

In our show, a new dimension of perception is added to the castle and its façade through the use of tradigital methods. In the implementation we used exclusively real footage. For this purpose, scale models of the castle were produced, recorded and filmed in different sizes and from different materials. The analog model is processed digitally and thrown back to the physical surface of the castle by the technology of projection mapping.

The fusion of architecture, art, design, physics and philosophy, for which Transkutan stands, is rounded off by a specially designed soundtrack.

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